Oil Cakes

Mostly oil cakes are used as cattle feeds.

Groundnut oil cake

  • Groundnut oilcake is one of the best protein supplements for livestock feeding and is extensively used.
  • Groundnut oil meal refers to solvent extracted residue and two grades (Grade I & grade II) are available in the market.
  • Groundnut oilcake refers to expeller pressed and two varieties (Grade I & grade II) are available in the market.
  • The common adulterant includes castor husk and Mahua oilcake.
  • Groundnut oilcake has about 45% protein, which is deficient in cystein, methionine and lysine, but good source of Vitamin B12 and calcium.

Coconut oil cake

  • It contains 20-26% crude protein with low lysine and histidine content and 2.5-6.5% oil content.
  • The higher oil meals tend to get rancid and may cause diarrhoea; hence low oil content meal should be preferred.
  • It should be restricted to swine and poultry as it contains low protein and high fibre and low fibre coconut meal can be fed to monogastric animals with lysine and methionine supplements.
  • Coconut meal produces firm milk fat that is most suitable for butter making.

Sesame oil cake

  • It contains 40% protein, rich in leucine, arginine and methionine but low lysine.
  • It was produced from the residues of sesame meal after removal of oil from sesame seed.
  • There are three varieties – red, black, white.
  • White is of high nutritive value than red.
  • It has high phytic acid.
  • Sesame seed meal has laxative action and can be included in the cattle ration upto 15%.